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Today, the recession in Sweden causes decreasing employment. It is not enough to be yourself anymore. You need to work harder to get noticed by an employer. Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard. We are a team dedicated to help you succeed in getting employed. We help you maximize yourself from being good to become great. Contact us? applykick@gmail.com

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Feb 6 '13

Nothing is as hard as it seems.

Even during this period of time, in the economic downturn there is still som application up for you to apply for. However, several of them may at first glance seem too optimistic for you to spend time on.

But hold on for a sec, isn’t it worth trying? What is said in the ads is what the company wishfor not what they want or need.

When writing an ad recruiters tend do write all the favourite features that’s optimal for an employee to have. If you have at least half of them, APPLY and further tell them that you are a fast learner! Eagerness and motivations are the best skills you can ever have.

Its never easy to get a job, but always remember, nothing is as hard as it seems!

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