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Feb 6 '13

How to prepare for interviews in different industries

So. You have gotten the much sought after phone call from an employer. They want to meet you. All the anxiety from writing a great cover letter and CV has now shifted and you’re starting to think about the interview instead. How on earth are you going to present yourself in the best manner? What’s the job, is our question. Management consultants have to do case studies on their interviews in most cases. Hence, do as many case studies as you can, in different areas.

Advertising agency? Make sure you have a portfolio of either your best copy or graphic designs and make sure you have some ideas about how to make great ads. Teacher? Make sure you know what direction you want to take the education in. More use of digital sources, tests, home tests or something else.

No matter what interview you are heading off to, always research the employer. What kind of customers do they have? What markets are their focus? What’s their size in terms of turnover? What can you contribute with?

These are a couple of questions that you should always ask yourself before heading off to that interview. Being unprepared is the worst thing you can be in these situations.

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